Welcome to our vision care blog

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Welcome to our blog!

See Well Omaha is a group of five optometrists who practice together in four Pearle Vision offices in Bellevue and Omaha. We all have websites for those offices, but we’re a bit limited as to what we can post there and on our social media.

As a result, we created this website to be able to offer enhanced information to our clients and the public. We do so much more than eye exams. An important part of our profession is watching for signs of other health conditions.

For example, we can see signs of diabetes and high blood pressure during exams, and we’ve caught these conditions before our patients were even aware of them. We were able to direct them to their physicians for testing and treatment. And we work with their physicians to make sure their vision stays healthy while they’re managing their condition.

We’ll be updating this blog frequently with news, tips for caring for contact lenses, and other information important to your health. More detailed information will be found in our Vision Care Center.

If there’s a topic you’d like us to talk about here, please give your suggestions to our optometrists or office staff. We’d be happy to take a look.

In the meantime, please take a look around our new website and get to know us better.




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